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Wise Rocket Boys is an informal group of motorcycle enthusiasts in and around Wise County, Texas. Any person may email me ( with upcoming rides or events to post on the "Coming Up" page that other participants or viewers may be interested in.

There are no dues, no club membership, no bylaws, and no officers.

Wise Rocket Boys or any of its' organizers or participants can not assume responsibility for any aspect of a rider's safety. Riders agree and accept any and all risks involved in the operation of a motorcycle, and that if a rider participates in any posted, listed, or informal ride or event found through this website, they do so voluntarily on their own assessment of their ability, the routes, and all facilities, and conditions, assuming all risk; and they release and hold other members or riders participating in the ride or event harmless for any injury or loss to any person or property which may result therefrom.

All riders participating in group rides must be in compliance with all laws and regulations concerning operation of a motorcycle upon public roadways, including, but not limited to Class "M" Endorsement, current registration and safety inspection, and financial responsibility laws regarding the carrying of proper insurance.

See also Group Riding


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