Group Rides - Common Sense Stuff

  1. Everybody must be legal (registration, inspection, license, insurance)
  2. Helmet, protective gear, long pants.
  3. This ain't a race. Don't pass the leader.
  4. Ride "The Pace"
  5. Keep your distance. A pile-up is no fun and ends the day too soon.
  6. Don't ride the centerline. Touch it only when passing.
  7. Control straightaway speeds. Live for the turns!
  8. No idiots or squids.
  9. No stunting within the pack.
  10. Ride your own ride.
  11. Live to ride another day.
  12. If the Po-Po lights us up, we all stop.

See also "Legalese"

Hand Signals

Left arm out, forearm straight down, palm backward: Stop

Left hand pointing or right foot off peg: Hazard in road, caution

Index finger held up: Single file

Index and middle finger held up: Double file, staggered

Left arm out, palm up, moving up and down: Speed up

Left arm out, palm down, moving up and down: Slow down

Left arm up, palm forward: I'm leading, follow me

Left arm swinging horizontally with index finger out: Pass me

Tapping top of helmet: Your high beam is on

Left arm out, hand opening and closing: Your turn signal is on

Left arm out, pointing overhead back and forth: We're pulling off

Left elbow out, index finger pointing to tank: I need fuel

Left elbow out, thumb pointing towards mouth: I need refreshment

Left fist out: Bathroom/butt break



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